Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Profit Potential of Being Honest

Look at the PROFIT potential of this newscenario. If you can't see it, let me pointit out for you:

(1) Any mail order dealer you haverecommended to these newcomers normally willrefer business to you also because they areappreciative of the new business you aresending to them. (It's no money out of yourpocket to refer them because you don't dealin the products and services anyway.)

(2) The newcomer who really is serious willactually make some money and they'll feelhappy about it. (Even if someone just gets aœ2 commission inthe mail, it's a thrillingexperience for the newcomer! It's not theamount of money that does the trick - it'sthe knowledge that they actually generatedsome cash on their own, without the aide of an employer. They'll feel good aboutthemselves and their abilities.)

(3) In turn - because these newcomers havemade a little money, they will tell othersabout it and bring new business to you. Sonot only do you benefit from word-of-mouthadvertising by the dealers themselves, butfrom the newcomers too. That means lots ofsaved money in advertising costs!

(4) And if you continue to provide supportservices so that some of these newcomersactually do make a living from mail order,they will remember you for the rest of theirlife. In fact, they'll stick to you like glueand be obligated to you because YOU showedthem a way to obtain the life they onlydreamed of.

And when you reach this point, you won't bea scam artist anymore. You'll be richfinancially and mentally!